After my university degree in history, I went from one office job to another. After a few years staying at home with my daughter, I found work as an office clerk again and decided I’d had enough. I became a front-end web developer through freeCodeCamp online, and started freelancing. I quickly became curious about what was going on in the back-end though, and felt like I needed the support of others to make the most of my learning experience.

By joining LAB12, I had the opportunity to work in a team on a large project, and to get the support of my peers and of mentors. After those twelve weeks, I resumed a front-end developer contract I had, this time as a full stack developer. A few weeks later, I got a job as a Node.js developer at Autodesk. Aside from the technical skills I developed at LAB12, my involvement in the community and building a real world application with my team really helped convince employers of my value.